It’s no secret that social media influencers are a growing part of the advertising and marketing equation. Global brands from Arby’s to Zillow are spending millions of dollars on influencers across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.  

“A growing number of our clients are embracing influencer campaigns as an impactful addition to their PR programs,” said Joe LoBello, CEO of LoBello Communications, an award-winning boutique communications firm. “Every brand is searching for creative ways to engage with their customers and communities and influencers are a great way to deepen customer  relationships.”  

US influencer marketing spending, the influencer category will exceed $3 billion in 2021 and will surpass $4 billion next year, according to eMarketer. One of the biggest challenges is identifying influencers who are the best fit and can maximize the campaign’s impact. 

For that, companies turn to Narrative, experts in the influencer marketing space. Founded by New York City-based entrepreneur Regev Gur,  a pioneer and a global expert in the influencer marketing space, Narrative manages seven-figure budgets for dozens of well-known companies, including openigloo, Mine,, and accessiBe.

Narrative supports dozens of campaigns for tech companies.  The goal – to reach new markets, connect with millennials and drive sales.

“There are about 50 million influencers around the world to choose from,” says Gur in a statement.

“Once you know your audience, you can imagine what sorts of conversations your client would benefit from and that is appealing to your audience, as well as who would be the right spokesperson to deliver that,” Gur added. Narrative’s top names include MrWhoseTheBoss, Nas Daily, WhatisNewYork, and London Lazarson. 

The latest opportunity is for companies to look to position themselves in the metaverse. Now seen as a must-have channel for corporate marketing campaigns, the gold rush of working directly with influencers on social media and a virtual environment – is part of the new world of marketing.