In the latest installment of our Executive Spotlight Series, TechLeadersPOV dives deep into the insights and experiences of Simon Elkjær, the Chief Marketing Officer at avXperten. With an avid interest in marketing and a knack for capturing trends, Elkjær plays a pivotal role at avXperten, Norway’s home for the most affordable electronics. His proactive approach to embracing technology and promoting a healthy work culture is instrumental in shaping the company’s trajectory.

Can you recount the story that led you to your position at avXperten?

I first collaborated with avXperten as a consultant back in 2017. Then, in September 2020, I officially joined them as the Chief Marketing Officer. The journey with avXperten has been enriching, chiefly because our shared dedication and passion make for an invigorating work environment. What truly appeals to me about avXperten is the emphasis it places on a healthy, positive work culture, which has remarkably fostered our team’s growth and wellbeing.

Can you share what sparked your journey in this field?

My fascination for marketing primarily originates from my yearning to create content that truly resonates with people. The satisfaction of crafting campaigns that enlighten and empower people is an unparalleled experience. What keeps me motivated in this field is the constant evolution; there are always fresh trends to anticipate and innovative strategies to explore.

Since the onset of your career, what interesting evolution have you noticed in your industry?

The eCommerce landscape is ever-changing and expansive, making it an intriguing domain to be part of. The exhilarating aspect of my job is the ceaseless pursuit of optimization and proactive strategies. The daily challenges are as demanding as they are rewarding, ensuring every day is filled with interesting developments.

Can you share a learning experience from a past mistake or business issue?

One significant error I made during my early career was neglecting my mental and emotional health. This oversight diminished my focus, and productivity, and adversely affected my wellbeing. Fortunately, overcoming this hurdle made me realize the importance of self-care and prioritizing health. This invaluable lesson has been instrumental in my ability to empathetically support my team and lead them more effectively.

Do you have any leadership advice for others looking to build their business or personal development?

Apart from fostering a positive work environment, another suggestion I’d offer leaders is to adopt a proactive approach to business. Strategic planning and continuous improvement can enable your team to handle challenges and adapt to changes more adeptly. Implementing this approach can help steer your business through even the most challenging times.

Could you discuss the influence of technology on your industry, business, or customers?

Technology profoundly influences our industry, altering the way we conduct business. Incorporating the appropriate tech solutions enhances our engagement with our audience and refines the customer experience. Businesses that efficiently leverage technology are on a steady path to achieving comprehensive growth.

How has technology transformed your team’s operations?

Technology has significantly optimized our team’s functions. By integrating relevant tech solutions, we’ve enhanced our productivity and fostered a positive work environment. I firmly believe that equipping your team with the right technology is a strategic way to facilitate their growth

Can you share your “3 takeaways or tips” on building a business or navigating a changing market?

  • Cultivating a positive work culture is essential.
  • Embrace a proactive and holistic approach towards growth.
  • Equipping your team with the right tech tools fosters success and growth.

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